Collagen To Help Strengthen Nails, Hair

Details: NeoCell is a wonderful website filled with natural nutritional supplements to benefit the hair, skin and nails.  Their products contain collagen which begins to decline in our bodies at an early age.  Their products contain Collagen 1, 2, & 3.  There is a difference between these.  From NeoCell's website, it states,
"Scientific studies show that more than 90% of the collagen found in the body is Collagen Type 1&3. The protein composition consists of nineteen amino acids responsible for the growth and maintenance of the body with unusually high percentages of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, which are all found in the skin and muscle. Collagen Type 2 protein consists of eighteen amino acids, which amino acid profiles parallel the profile of the joint cartilage. Collagen Type 1&3 and Collagen Type 2 should not be combined due the types having different amino acid profiles. If taken together, the two proteins will bind and form a complete protein and the body will not recognize it as collagen."

Review:  I was able to review 2 products from NeoCell.  The product I chose for myself was the Collagen Type 1&3.  This is specifically  to replenish the body's diminishing supply of collagen.  In turn this will help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity in the skin, help bones become stronger, corrects weak, broken and split ends of hair, helps damaged nail beds, helps thicken fine hair, improves circulation, promotes wound healing, and helps build lean muscle to help burn fat while you sleep.  Wow!  What more could you ask for in just 6 tablets a day.

Before I started taking this, I had two split fingernails, damaged hair, fine lines, and in desperate need for improved circulation and who wouldn't want to burn fat while sleeping.  Three weeks into the routine of taking these tablets, my split fingernails finally stopped splitting, my hair appeared thicker (no I didn't change shampoos or conditioners), and I am losing weight.  My face seems more plump - not fat, just fewer wrinkles and the lines around my eyes are diminishing.  I feel my face has more elasticity.  This stuff is great.  I only take the tablets 5 days a week, so I'm not real consistent in taking them 7 days a week, and still I've noticed great improvement.  I still have a ways to go, but I can say this is working.  This is a product I will keep using.

Neocell Super Collagen+C Type 1 and 3, 6000mg plus Vitamin C, 250 Count

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Pros: So far everything they say would happen has happened for me.  It's slow, but then again, this is an internal method of improving various aspects of your skin, nails and hair.  I'm excited to continue on to see the full results of an entire bottle.

Cons:  The tablets are a little dry, no slick coating, and only sometimes do they get stuck in my throat, to where I have to eat something to get them down.  But this is normal for me, maybe not you.

My Rating: A big Thumbs UP!!!
Collagen To Help Strengthen Nails, Hair

Disclaimer:  This product was given to me to facilitate a review.  I received absolutely no monetary compensation and the opinions are all my own.  I provide my honest opinion whether good or bad for each product I review.  Your opinion may differ from mine.

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