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healthy hemp hearts
Health and Wellness: Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods and Oils: Hemp Hearts are raw shelled hemp seeds.  They are natural, non GMO,vegan approved, and made with 100% wind power.  The facility where Hemp Hearts are processed is a dairy, soy, nut and gluten free facility.  3tbsp is the daily serving size, with each 8oz bag containing 8 servings.  Per serving there is no cholesterol, no sodium, 10g of protein, and no trans fats.  Hemp foods in general are packed with sustainable nutrition and natural energy.  Hemp foods have a slightly nutty flavor, is a complete vegetarian protein making it very easy to digest, has the ideal ratio of Omega 6-Omega 3 including GLA and SDA, and contain fiber, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and other vitamins and minerals.  Hemp comes in the Hemp Hearts (Natural and Organic options), Hemp protein powder, and Hemp Oil.  The Hemp protein powder has a variety of different options available as well.

healthy hemp hearts
My Product Review:  I found Hemp Hearts when researching specific foods that helps nurture and  strengthen your physical heart.  There are plenty of herbal supplements available at pretty much any store that has a pharmacy, but to find foods that are specific to heart health, this is huge!  The CEO and Co-Founder of Hemp Hearts was introduced to these miracle seeds when he was super unhealthy, lacking of energy, and on the verge of being very sick and ill.  He fell in love with the nutritious little seeds and has found a very environmentally safe way to process and provide these to the world.  When I got my order I found a few very interesting and very pleasing aspects about this company.

1. My Hemp Hearts were packaged the day I placed my order, so they were super fresh, and have the best possible shelf life because of how fresh the package was.
2. I got my Hemp Hearts 3 days after they were processed and packaged specifically to me order.
3. I got a great sample cook book with 10 amazing recipes to use Hemp Hearts in, plus a website link that gives me a cookbook all about Hemp.
4. A brochure of all the best Hemp products, with sample recipes and ideas on how to use each product.

healthy hemp hearts
Salad with Hemp Hearts

healthy hemp hearts
Rice with Hemp Hearts

healthy hemp hearts
Smoothie with Hemp Hearts

healthy hemp hearts
Hemp Heart encrusted fish fillet
I have personally tried this straight out of the package, in a rice dish, as a fish fillet crust, on a salad and in a Green Smoothie.  My Mother In Law fell in love with Hemp Hearts when she ate my fish fillet encrusted in Hemp Hearts (Hemp Hearts was mixed with Lindwoods Co-Q10 ground flaxseed/almonds/brazil nuts and walnuts mix and used as the fish crust).  She is very excited to start adding Hemp into her diet.  I love them too!  They taste really good, are super healthy, and make everything taste really good!

Pros: healthy, vegan, all natural, organic, heart healthy, tastes amazing! You can find their products in shops like The Vitamin Shoppe, on Amazon, and Long Gevity Warehouse in bulk.

Cons: my package doesn't last very long, I need a bulk order

                                                                              My Rating
healthy hemp hearts

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