Apothederm Acne Cream

Details: Apothederm skin care science acne clarifying treatment.  Targeted skin care to answer your skin care needs.  Comes in a 1oz bottle.  Active ingredient: salicylic acid for external use only.  4 Step directions when using this product.

My Review: when I first started using this my skin went from partial break out, or just a few zits here and there, to full on break out with zits all over my forehead, chin, nose, along my jaw line and down my neck to the top of my chest.  It was awful and super embarrassing.  So I stopped using it for 3 days until everything started going away.  Once I felt like my face looked good enough again, I tried this acne cream again.  This time my skin had a different reaction.  The zits started going away, some that weren't quiet white heads disappeared before they fully formed.  Those "mature" zits went away faster than I expected.  Now I use this 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening right before bed.

My husband uses this too.  He's used this as an off an on spot treatment when he gets those occasional zits.  For him it takes a little longer to clear things up, but he still likes how it works, and how easy it is on his skin.  For him who growing up used Proactive, he finds this very similar and really wonderful.  You don't need much just a small little squirt for each zit.  It clears things up within 3 days of use, as long as you aren't allergic.  I haven't noticed any access drying up of my face, but I use a really good moisturizer so I don't really know if that helps prevent the drying or not. Below are before and after pictures after using this product for 3 weeks.  I am very pleased with my results, and recommend this product for clearing up acne and zits in general.  This bottle cost $33, but I feel it is worth it.  I will buy this when my bottle is empty, I say this because I don't usually spend a lot of money on skin care products, but this is totally worth it to me and my husband.  I also want to tell you that your diet and what you consume food wise affects how bad your acne is. So my after picture of my chin is actually worse than my before picture, but we had tons of birthday cake, ice cream and chocolate the past 7 days, so my acne looks really bad.  In fact it will clear up in 2 days.
Before Picture of Forehead
Before Picture of Chin

After Picture of Forehead
After Picture of Chin

Pros: works quickly, works fast, easy on skin.

Cons: can cause allergic reactions, test it first, stop for 3 days if a reaction happens and then try again.
                                                                       My Rating 

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