Skintactix Acne Rosacea 30 Day Treatment

get rid of acne

Want a great way to get rid of acne? 

Skintactix is a company that specializes in products for Acne, Rosacea, Blackheads, Whiteheads, Oil Skin, Skin Damage, Sunscreen etc.  They have a great page to help you identify what kind of acne you may have, including pictures.  This is a valuable tool.  Once you know what you are treating, you can go to their web pages that describe the products you will need to take care of that skin condition.  Most skin conditions should see great improvement within 30 days.  They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with all products.

Review: My husband has had rosacea for a very long time.  He gets it so bad, that he will get the bumps on the insides of his eyelids.  He has been to eye doctors to help relieve him of this.  He has undergone some pretty hairy procedures to remove those bumps.  His eyes will swell up really bad even before going to the doctor.  His forehead is usually covered with enough spots to look like he's got the measles or something.  He keeps his hair longer on his forehead to hide it.  Sometimes when he eats really spicy foods, or gets really really stressed, his whole face turns into a big mass of red splotches and bumps.  Many doctors have told him it is something he'll just have to live with.

He has tried over the counter cleansers that pharmacists recommend, he has tried the over counter stuff that doctors have suggested.  He has been on prescription drugs as well, just to clear this condition up.  Of course nothing works long term, meaning nothing over 5 days.

get rid of acne
Day 1 of use
get rid of acne
Day 2 of use
Then our daughter introduced the Skintactix Acne/Rosacea products to us.  There is a 4 step routine to follow both morning and night.  My husband has never spent so much time on his face before, but he definitely likes what the results are.  Just a word of caution...the products did say it could worsen before it gets better.  Please note the pictures of Day 1 and Day 2 of use with Skintactix.  Yes! His face got extremely worse on Day 2.  He was ready to throw those things out the window.  After checking with the website, and read that is normal, he continued.

get rid of acne
Week 2

get rid of acne
Week 3
It's been 3 weeks exactly now.  The website says to give it a full 30 days.  Well, right now, look at the difference. He is so excited about the improvement.  We are in the process of waiting to hear back from the company if he needs to continue these products after 30 days of use, or stop then start again if the rosacea returns.

In the meantime, there are some other things he wanted to be sure was mentioned.  The routine does dry his face out during the day.  There is a moisturizer, which is step #4, but that doesn't really stop the sloughing off of the 3rd step poultice.  Since he works from home that isn't too much of a problem, but when he goes somewhere like to church, he has to continue to brush off the sandy type material from off his clothes.  He did say he's willing to put up with this because of the improvement he has seen.
get rid of acne
Week 4
Pros:  My husband has never been so excited as this to see his face clear up from his long standing rosacea.  He keeps hoping it will last and not return.  The best part is that he hasn't had any of those bumps under his eyelids, and his skin is almost back to normal.

Cons:  For me the biggest downside to all of this is the smell.  It lingers all day all night.  I can't stand it.  I almost have to hold my breath when I kiss him because the products really stink.  My husband says he gets used to it, and is willing to put up with the smell because it is actually working.  His biggest complaint is that Step 3 product is very dry, and this sloughs off his face all day long.  Not only that, but there is not enough of this product to last 3 weeks.

Update:  When my husband received these products, the #3 like mentioned above in the Cons section was extremely dry.  We have been in contact with the  Skintactix Company via email.  (Their voicemail has not been set up.)  They have always responded within a 24 hour business day, have been extremely helpful and concerned about making good on their products.  They will be sending him a new #3 Green Tea Poultice, and did mention that #3 isn't supposed to be dry.  Unfortunately, it is made with a natural clay that has a sulfur smell, hence the smell that I cannot stand.  However, it was good that they let us know this. 

get rid of acne

get rid of acne
My Rating: A Great Big Thumbs Up for improving the rosacea for my husband!!!  A thumbs down on the smell and flakiness of the poultice (step 3.)  

get rid of acne

UPDATE:  After 2 full months after my husband stopped using Skintactix products for his Rosacea, his face has remained clear.  We're both still very impressed.

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