Marvel's Avengers the Movie

Marvel's Avengers the Movie

When your childhood hero comes to life...

Are you geeking out as much as we are that Avengers the Movie was totally awesome?!!!  "Avengers assemble, always we will fight as one til the battle's won...assembled we are strong."  Did you hear the music in your mind and sing along with that?!!!  OMG!!  Totally need to own this movie.  My husband and I went to see this in the theater first, then because we loved it that much, we did something we never ever EVER do.  We went back with our kids while it was still in theaters.  Granted, we went to the $2 showing, but it was so worth it!  Our kids were so enthralled, their action figures, their toys were alive and on the big screen.  See as a family we loved watching all the animated Avenger themed shows on Netflix, so this was huge.

Favorite Super Hero... 2012's big movie of the year starring: Robert Downy Jr., Chris Evens, Christ Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner, and more major actors and actresses.  Based off the Marvel Cartoon The Avengers.  Available to be seen in 3D and regular when it came to the theater.  A large group of super natural creatures, super humans, some even resurrected from death, scientists and a God come together to try and save the world from destruction.  Lies, and betrayals, lost love, and pride are on the bad guys side against the super heroes.  Freaks of nature, science experiments gone wrong, wielders of lightning, electricity, and the biggest serving of courage give the Avengers something special.  Okay, so if you have followed any of the other Marvel movies: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor you know these faces, you've come to love those handsome actors, those sexy actresses, and hate their sworn enemies as much as they do.  Now with their combined powers they must save the world, the world of New York, because let's be honest, there are only a handful of cities movie makers enjoy trashing.  I love seeing Ironman strut his fancy tech and smart brains, with his clever banter with Bruce Banner aboard the Helicarrier.  Thor's love-hate relationship with Loki is especially funny.  But let's be honest the coolest scenes always involved the Hulk!  Except the first scene, which still scares my youngest, so we have to cover his eyes and ears.

Marvel's Avengers the MovieBest movie of the Year... in my opinion!  We've been waiting for this movie to come out since the beginning of the Introductory movies: Iron Man 1 and 2, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America.  Our boys were just as excited as my husband and myself.  On Netflix you can find a cartoon series of the Avengers, and many other individual full length movies about Thor as a child, Iron man series (adult, teenager, avenger), Hulk, The Ultimate Avengers, etc.  So after months of watching these Netflix movies with our boys they were VERY ready to go to the big movie theater to watch the REAL AVENGERS!!!  We saw it in 3D, which was only good because we had a digital screen, and dolby surround system in the specific room.  Surprisingly, none of us go sick, which is one reason we don't watch in 3D, but again, totally worth it in my opinion.  Amazing acting, great plot, well known cool actors and actresses, sweet special effects and fight scenes.  This is on our to buy list.  Some things we found that we didn't like in the movie come from our avid prep.  In the cartoon series by Stan Lee, they have more Avenger characters than what was in this movie.  So when 2 characters where introduced in a way, I was very disappointed.  Scarlett and Jeremy are amazing characters in the movie, but no one really knew who they were in the movie.  There should have been a separate movie with Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson displaying their characters, skills, and why they work for SHIELD.  I hope to see more individual character movies coming out, because it helps us as normal people live in that fantasy world that much more.  Bring on Ant Man and Wasp, Black Panther etc!

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  1. My whole family loved the Avengers! Like your boys, my little guys have been watching all of the Marvel cartoons including Ultimate Avengers. We don’t use Netflix since Dishonline has tons of movies, cartoons, and shows that we can watch, most of it without signing in. Since there’s so many videos, we didn’t realize the Avengers cartoons were available until one of my co-workers at Dish told me so. I wouldn’t mind a cartoon or even a movie focused on Black Widow, because I’d like my boys to see that a strong female figure can be just as cool as the other guys. Great review and I couldn’t agree more with both thumbs up for The Avengers!

  2. Both Jeremy and Scarletts Characters are central in the Avengers comics, so fans of the comics will know who they are