Money Ball

Money Ball, Brad Pitt
Money Ball the movie: Starring Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, and Robin Wright.  2011, PG-13. This is based on the true story of the Oakland CA, A's baseball team and how they sucked, how they were a poor professional team, how sports scouts sometimes pick duds, and sometimes find all star players.  Trying to find a way to change the way baseball was played Billy Beane's risks his job, his family, and the anger, frustration, and honor of the Oakland A's. Here's to success, if it can happen!

Why we loved this movie:  We rented this from the Red box but it took us 5 days to finally watch and finish this movie.  It is a great new take on true story movies.  I love Invincible, Invictus, We are Marshall, Pursuit of Happiness, Blind Side etc.  This is the first modern day true story movie I've seen that was about baseball.  This was a special movie for my husband because he had to give up his baseball career when his mother and step dad moved from one state to another state, during middle school.  When a man of the world finds that there is more to life than making money miracles happen, and not all miracles seem positive at first, but over time the bigger picture becomes more clear, and true success happens.  That is the story of Money Ball.  I highly recommend this movie.  We haven't bought it yet, but I plan on giving it to my husband as a surprise gift soon.

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Money Ball with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill

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