The Runaway Mother

Details: Carol Lynn Pearson's The Runaway Mother.  Alison is a mother of two children whom she loves very much, but when she finds out that her Mother's Day was bribed out of her children, she crumbles.  Running away seems like the only way she can deal with being a single mother trying to do her best, but failing on all accounts.  Her perfect neighbor doesn't help her either.  Have you ever felt like being a mother was not worth the sacrifice?  Have you ever wished not to be a mom once you already had kids?  Have you ever wished you had a partner to help with the kids instead of being a single mother?

Information:  This is a very short book only 71 pages.  I read this book in 35 minutes.  Its a very funny but heart touching book at the same time for anyone who is a mother.  Carol Lynn Pearson has a great sense of depth, details, and humor as she writes her books.  She has a great collection of books, all very short, easy reads.  I checked this book out at the Orem Public Library.  I recommend this as a fun, quick read especially before Mother's Day.  This would be a fun book for book clubs to read.

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