Ladies with Options

Details: The book takes place during the late 80's early 90's when the stock market was still new and unknown to the general world.  Cynthia Hartwick has a very unique style of writing this book and its sequel Ladies with Properties.  Taking her script from the Larksdale Ladies a group of women living in the prim and proper way of life in their small town.  The leader of this group of women takes a challenged youth into her home and finds that by her civil duty and charity she and her friends are blessed with great opportunities for wealth beyond anyone's dream for women such as these.  Each woman is challenged with the accountability of having so much money, and how to use it, and how to keep creeps and hagglers from abusing them.  Its about how the normality of "Gold Diggers" as being women are reversed as its all the male gender who do the most damage to these sweet women of wealth.

My Review:  This book and its sequel looked super intriguing, so I checked both of them out from the library for 3 weeks each.  I thought this would be plenty of time for me to read them.  I consider myself an avid reader, and am easily sucked into the world of each novel that I pick up.  But after 3 weeks with Ladies with Options, I was barely half way through the book.  This is of course picking it up and reading for a few hours each most days during those 3 weeks.  The way this book is written, each chapter being narrated and then told by different characters was very confusing and turned off my imagination so I was unable to get sucked into it at all.  I loved the little stories of each woman, but I feel like nothing flowed easily like most books I read do.  

Pros: Good plot, fun realistic characters, great for dedicated book clubs

Cons: lack of flowing prose, and lack of interest in the book despite a good plot.  

Price: pricing varies, but can be found on Amazon in soft cover or kindle versions.

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