We Bought a Zoo

Details: Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church, Elle Fanning and other stars.  Based on a true story, based on the Dartmoor Zoological Park in Sparkwell Devon.  After a tragic death of the wife and mother to the Mee family, Benjamin hopes to start a new life, a new way of living and goes for a large risk, in buying a zoo where his children will live and grow up.  But things don't go as planned.  Life isn't as easy and happy as he had hoped.  But with help and encouragement from the Zoo help, things can turn around.

My Review:  I wasn't really interested in watching this movie, but once I found out that it was based off a true story I was very enthralled.  I love true story movies.  My husband loved this movie more than me.  He was sucked into everything: the subtle humor, and business logic, and the parenting guidelines hidden within the plot.
Watching this movie, reminded me of some of the neat Zoos that I've been to during my childhood.  There is a drive through Zoo in Texas, where you drive around a path to see the Zebras, Rinos, Ostriches, etc.  After we drove through the Zoo, we went to the Gift shop and got to pet a baby Tiger, Hedgehogs, and different small pets and insects.  Petting the baby tiger was so cool and very different.  Its amazing to see the behind the scenes to what it takes to care for wild animals.  And this movie gave us part of that great connection.  This is a keeper in my book.

Pros: great acting, wonderful story, that's both touching and true, without too much drama and emotion.

Cons: that one of the animals had to die.

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