The Summer Kitchen

The Summer Kitchen was a great Book!

Think About It: Image can mean many different things to many different people.  When it comes to image the size of house or family, type of house or car, clothes and accessories, the amount of money you make or spend, where you live, the type of friends and entertainment you host all matter.  Do you have an image?  What is your image?  How do you up keep this image?  How far would you go, or what would you be willing to do to keep this image intact?

Details: When prestige is the rule, and money is the exception to the rule, where friends are only friends when you have that money, and image is everything.  This is the world in which the Banks lived, that is until Mr. Banks ends up in jail, and his wife Nora is stuck cleaning up the mess.  But as she cleans up, disasters occur around every bend.  Nora and some newly acquired friends are put to the test and then some, as they discover how to be true to themselves, and how to over come their dependency to men, marriage, image and well the society they now find themselves thrust out of but unable to leave.  Can time and forgiveness really melt the ice that has formed around Nora's heart so that love and trust can be built back up or will she give into her physical need for intimate comfort, peace and fulfillment?

My Review: I bought this book late one night while out giving myself release from the busy life of a mother.  I was searching for something that would be fun to read, give me encouragement to continue being patient and keep my faith strong while my family goes through some major changes and important decisions.  I got exactly what I was looking for, but not in the way I was hoping.  I read this book in 1 week.  It took me about 30 pages to actually enjoy reading this novel.  But as the story unfolded my heart was truly touched.  I learned lessons right along with the main characters.  I found courage and peace in my own life by reading about Nora Banks and her family.  This is my new favorite read, and with the price I paid, I think its a great Mother's Day gift, or perfect for any woman!  This would make the perfect Book Club book for all the discussions that you can come up with.

Karen Weinreb pays great attention to details, I love the details of nature, the houses, the descriptions of intimate fantasies.  I love the details of all the baking, man I'm so craving some of those yummy sounding goodies mentioned in this book.

                                                                      My Rating    


  1. sounds like a worthwhile read ~ thanks, i am always looking for a good read ~ entertaining yet has some substance ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^