Jason Aloe Vera Gel

Details: Jason Aloe Vera is 98% natural.  It is a moisturizing gel.  Nature's penetrating skin moisturizer with allantoin.  8 oz bottle of gel with no artificial colors.  Paraben free, bio-degradable, no animal by-products or animal testing.  This is certified organic.

My Review: My Mother-In-Law bought this when she came to visit us summer of 2011.  Not used to dry desert weather she and my BIL got fried going to the Zoo.  She wanted to find a real aloe vera plant, but this was cheaper and easier to use.  She loves this brand of products.  Over the past year of using this with myself and my children being out in hot, cold, dry desert weather I'm very impressed with how quickly sunburns fade, and how nice our skin feels after using it.  I can compare this to a few other types of aloe vera gels specifically for sunburns and this is by far the best.  But it also has other factors not so good according to my husband.

Pros: kills the pain to sun burns quickly, and fades the redness quickly, smells good, small amount goes a long way.

Cons: super sticky skin after use even after letting it dry there is still a sticky residue my husband hates.

                                                                                 My Rating   gets a thumbs up for the quick factor, and a thumbs down for the sticky residue.

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