The Help Movie and Book

Katheryn Stockett's The Help Book
Details:  Skeeter graduates from Ole' Miss and decides to come back home to Jackson Missouri, and get a job as a journalist.  But her plans don't go the way she imagined.  Her special maid is gone, her mother is sick, and no one wants to hire her as a journalist.  But as she works on getting experience writing, she is inspired by her career contact in New York and finds a worthy cause to write about, if only she can get the Helps on board with her law-breakin', hair raisin' scheme.

My Review: Kathryn Stockett wrote this book in 3 years, because of her experiences with her own Help as she grew up in Jackson Missouri.  I love this story, and love how we as people who are many times blinded by what we don't know, don't want to see, and wish not to know, Kathryn gives us an open window view into the injustices that our Country has had to over come, through the eyes of those who lived those lives.

Pros: amazing realistic characters, loving plot, easy to find and buy a copy of this book

Cons: none

Tate Taylor's vision of, Stockett's, The Help Movie
Details:  This is exactly like the book Kathryn wrote, as Tate Taylor has been Kathryn's best friend since they were 5 years old.  The actress who plays Mini is Tate's other best friend.  When Kathryn wrote the book no one wanted to publish it.  In fact it was rejected 60 times before someone fell in love with the story.  Tate was able to have the screen play finished by the time Kathryn's book was published.  Tate and Kathryn kept most of the acting within the family, as both their mother's are in the movie, as is Tate's Maid, and Kathryn's daughter.

My Review:  I have been wanting to see the movie the Help since I heard it was going to be a movie.  It is so heart wrenching and warming at the same time everyone falls in love with the characters and the story.  My favorite parts of the movie only come on the DVD/ Blueray disc.  I watched all the commentary, deleted scenes, and extras and got to see Tate Taylor with his Maid, Kathryn and her family.  I got to see interviews with women who live in Jackson today and remember the time of house Maids and also got to hear some of those women tell of how they were house Maids to the white folk living in Jackson.

Pros: I love the actors and actresses they found the perfect fits for each character

Cons: I don't own a copy of this movie yet.

                                                                           My Rating

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