Conversations with a Moonflower

Details:  Memoir of Christine Hall's life and lessons learned by changing.  Christine's Grandmother's death brings the family together one last time at the old family farm.  What is discovered there while the family sorts, and cleans and cleans out the farm is priceless.  Settled in the Amish country side Christine and her family take the time to say good bye to old dear Amish friends, who were dear sweet friends to their Grandmother.  The gift that is given and shared for years to come will never be forgotten.

My Review:  This was a book club book for the month of May.  I read this very short book in 3 days.  I bought it from Amazon for $4, for my Kindle.  Its the most amazing book ever.  It opens your eyes to lessons you learn from the most unusual things, people, and circumstances.  I highly recommend this book to everyone.    There is a Facebook page just for this book as well, which is fun to check out because Christine is always doing book signings.
Best Part: Christine Hall has a website directly attributed to this book, and through this website, anyone can buy a package of Moon flower seeds for $4.  What an amazing author.  Not only does she tell you her wonderful experiences with her Moon flower, but she allows you the chance to experience the joy in your own back yard.

Pros: short book with lots of lessons, not preachy, not religious, pure every day life lessons to be learned and appreciated.

Cons: none

                                                               My Rating  

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  1. I love the review that you posted on this book. I love books that are reflective in nature and tell a story about someone's background, changes, and growth in their life due to events out of their control. You did a wonderful review. Thumbs up to you!