Marriage by Mistake

Marriage by MistakeMarriage by Mistake by Alyssa Kress
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Details: Kelly Williams is a sensible woman, but because of her job, men do not want her to be sensible and serious and committed. Being raised by a Pastor and Pastor's Wife, Kelly can't ignore what she's been taught. Hoping to find a wonderful man who truly does love her is hard living in Las Vegas. Dean is scared senseless when he finds Kelly in his office building in Massachusetts wanting to know why he left her. When did he get married? Is this even happening to him? What happened in the past 48 hours and why can't he remember?

My Review: This was not at all what I expected. It looked and sounded like a trashy Romance novel. But it wasn't. I was very intrigued by the title, as many people I hear now-a-days question their marriage, are always getting a divorce, and or have been divorced multiple times.  Marriage is really starting to become an out-dated thing, not even a special event, happening and or that "Once in a Lifetime" event girls always dream of.  This is a great book for couples struggling with their marriages, couples dating and thinking or not thinking of marriage, and great for families who have been broken by infidelity, philandering, re-marriage, divorce, and lack of stability in parental elements.  Marriage by Mistake gives a while new meaning to relationships; marriage issues and what it means in today's society to keep your word and to keep your vows. I love how the unexpected happens at the most unexpected times. This was a free book on Amazon.com, and I read it in 1 day with many interruptions from my children, but I would have to say it took me roughly 7 hours to read this.  An amazing read, one that has helped me continue to want to stay married to my wonderful husband and best friend, and has helped me realize just how amazing it is when a woman does find an honest, loyal committed man and vice versa.

Pros: great plot, amazingly real characters, you totally get sucked into this book by the end of the second chapter.

Cons: some may be turned off by all the sexual content, but its written with class, not trash.

My Rating: Thumbs Up

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