Toe the Line

toe the line
Details: It was just supposed to be another race.  He was supposed to race with his friend, and then head home to take care of the last details of their big deals.  But then this happened and now he's stuck in Washington unable to go back home to Texas.  How the heck did things get so out of order?  His friend is starting to seem like a foe not a friend, but he can't ask him what's up because he's dead.  Now he has to find the killer, find out why their company is bankrupt, and why his Ex-Fiance left him.

My Review: I was a little worried about reading a Thriller as its been a very long time since I've read this type of book.  But I was very impressed with the plot, the characters, the mystery that was totally not expected.  I love the Ex-fiance.  She's a hoot.  And the descriptions of the Detectives are super funny.  I highly recommend this book as a great read, an awesome story plot, mystery, romance and problem solving. I got this as a Kindle book. But you can also buy the regular copy on Amazon as well.  Dick Hannah is a very good author.  With amazing skills.  Check out his Blog.

Pros: Each character is well mapped out, planned and written about.  I love learning the insides of racing, and triathlons.  

My Rating 

toe the line

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