Trio Blocks

Fisher Price Trio Blocks

My kids LOVE Trio Blocks!

These creative building blocks are amazing

These are plastic blocks very different than Lego's, but a similar design as you build and construct designs.  A fun for kids, can be annoying to parents when heard constantly at 6 or 7 am is that when they connect together the blocks snap!  Brightly colored, themed by sets pick and choose similar again to Lego sets, Trio Blocks are perfect for cute chubby little fingers of toddlers on up to older children who enjoy thinking, building, engineering.  The company gives a wonderful focus on both boy colors and girl colors which may or may not be appreciated by all.  But in my household purple and pink are reserved by me, because of how my kids have claimed colors for themselves.  Daddy gets black, brown and gray...when he can't convince our kids to also allow him to use orange and yellow on occasion.  They are so much fun for both kids and parents a like!  I have spent many hours playing with these toys with my children.  Helping them put together the barn and tracker in the Farm set, or building the cars.  Each themed set comes with instruction booklets, or design booklets, as guides to help your child learn how to build different objects.  However, my kids rarely ever use those booklets, and just create on their own.  There is Trio Block Jr, and regular Trio Blocks for ease of use depending on the age of the child.  There are basic sets, beginner sets, medium sets, themed sets, and advanced sets.  My kids would die for the advanced Castle and Dragon set!

Fisher Price, Trio BlocksLearning is fun... with these are block sets.  They, Fisher Price, claims that sets grow in difficulty as your child grows up.  Children get to use their imagination with these.  These blocks have helped my PreK child understand addition and subtraction, sizes, and sequencing for school.  We use these with my 3rd grader for science, Cub Scouts, problem thinking activities, educational play time, and so much more.  Sometimes we'll ask the kids to create an object to show us when they are done.  Now, much like any other building block company, these can get pricey, and you'll have to buy a bunch of sets just to get enough different pieces to really give your child a great experience with these.  Even my husband and I both enjoy making things with these blocks, as do all my kid's friends.  Sometimes we have to take the trio blocks away when we have play dates because the kids all fight over the same pieces.  Another reason it's a good idea to buy a good amount of pieces.  These make great gifts for any occasion!  Holidays, birthdays, school rewards (say for learning to read, or finishing a work book without complaining) etc.  The best place to get the most options for Trio blocks is Amazon or Ebay.  They both have great pricing, and there's no guarantee that all the pieces will be there especially from Ebay.

 My Rating? A HUGE Thumbs Up!

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