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My movie review on Soul Surfer

2011 movie, teenage surfer learns to grasp courage and get back on a board after a shark attack.  She learns to love through seeing her situation through a different perspective.  She fights for confidence during major competition.  Her family is brought closer together through trial and triumph.

I loved this movie even before I saw it. I heard KLOVE radio talk about this movie for a whole month as it was coming to theaters, and all the cool inspirational stories listeners were calling in with.  I love that this movie talks about Christ, and religion and that those who made the movie stayed true to who the Hamilton's really are in their faith.
My favorite parts of true story movies are the actual pictures or video clips of those the movie was made in honor of.

What sets this movie apart from other similar movies like "We Are Marshall", "The Blind Side", "Invictus", "Invincible" etc, is that those other movies are all about men in sports or whole communities.  This is the first movie about a young girl who gets inspired to keep going because other's were afraid.  This touches home to me, because one of my greatest fears is a shark attack, but I love the beach anyways.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone who needs a pick me up, inspirational, action packed, family movie!

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