Kiersten White Paranormalcy

By Kiersten White

Details: Evie is a human girl, but also a Special International Police Force team member who deals with paranormal incidents/ people. She is able to see through the "glamour" paranormal things use to keep humans from seeing them. Weird things start happening every time she sees paranormal beings, and soon she's caught in a life and death matter, protecting her friends, and her job. A love for her job, and a strong desire to be a normal human begin to tug at her heart throughout the book. As the story unfolds, find out how she deals with her internal conflicts, love interests, secrets, and new untold power and special abilities as a special cop. 

My Review: It has been a long time since I've read anything along these lines in the fantasy world. In fact, the last two books I read dealing with Vampires and Werewolves were Twilight (only the first 2 books of that series, and Harry Potter: finishing the whole series). Those two books were super dark, full of evil and magic, and actually gave me nightmares for 2 whole weeks. It was bad news for me. When my book club nominated this book as our next read, I will admit that I was pretty worried. I didn't want to stick out, like a bad thumb, on a fun girl's night because I couldn't or rather wouldn't read the book.  So I decided to try it out.  Guess what?  I honestly, truly loved this book! Its 334 pages long, and I read it in 3 hours. This is the first of a trilogy, and its so amazing! The plot is great, and really fun for both young adults, teenagers, and adults who love fantasies. Comparing this topic to Twilight and Harry Potter, the first book in this series is so much more lighthearted, free, open, bright, and the characters aren't as scary and dark. There is still a fun, but also dangerous romantic connection which is done very well.  This was a Sci/Fi book that I really enjoyed reading.  It was clean, and fun, suspenseful without any terror or horror, which can come from this genre of books.  The author's writing style is very clean and classic. 

Book Club Qs: Questions we asked at our book club
1. What is the most dangerous career you personally would do?
2. What is your dream job?
3. Would the people who work with you influence how much to love your job or not?
4. Would a work uniform or dress code defer or appeal to you?
5. What would be the worst uniform you would consider wearing?
6. What is your top uniform/dress code for work?
7. If you could have a special ability/ super power that would be helpful to society what would it be?
8. Would you be scared if you saw someone not normal/ paranormal?
9. How did you like how Evie works? Can you relate to her?

Pros: great plot, lighthearted, fun

Cons: I need to read the other 2 books in the series, but that's not really a con at all.

                                                                                        My Rating:

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