Embraced by the Light

Embraced by the Light
Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie

Summary: a woman has surgery that is very standard, but during her recovery while still in the hospital something goes wrong and she dies.  When she died she tells of other experiences she's had out of her body.  She has a total out of body experience, a spiritual enlightening experience.  She is taught by our Savior and other Spirits about God, about His love, about life, and everything.  She is told she must return to her body because her life's mission isn't completed. When she returns to the land of mortals, she fights devils, forgets some of the things she learned, but not all.

Info: for one who did not believe in God, or believe in a loving God, when she has this experience she learns other wise, and never forsakes her knowledge of truth.  This took me 1 week to read.  Its very short, but filled to the brim with loads of teachings, principles, and doctrines.  Its a lot to take in from a very short book.  I highly suggest you either buy a copy so you can read and underline and mark things.  Or check out a copy from your local library and get a note book to write down thoughts and questions and ideas that come while you read.

Questions: Do you believe in God?  What type of God or supreme being?  What is your opinion on the teachings Betty learned while dead?  Did your mind set change concerning judging others, thinking positively, thinking negative thoughts, and what you say?

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