The Help

The Help book
The Help by Katheryn Stockett

Summary: Skeeter a college graduate returns to her home town of Jackson Missouri, trying to use her degree as a writer to help her people.  But when she finds that a working woman is hard work and close to impossible to find something respectable.  Skeeter is told to find something to write about that she cares about, that no one else cares about.

Questions: This hits heart cords in many people, because there are many issues in today's society that need our attention, but don't always get it.  If you could write about something, or if you could support something really important with nothing temporal standing in your way, would you be do it?  Would you take the chance?  Would you take a chance knowing you could get in some serious trouble with friends, and family?

Information: This was a 2 week read for me.  I loved every minute of the book, especially the emotional charged sections that fill your head and heart with new enlightened thoughts about judging others.  It was very stimulating.  I highly recommend reading the Acknowledgement section of the book, it tells more about Stockett, and why she wrote this wonderful book.  I learned more about why the details were so intense.

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