Leapfrog Baby Learn Around playground

Leapfrog Baby Learn Around Playground

Looking for a great education toy? 

This multi leveled, multi-educational toy is great for kids! It offers children a wide variety of activities that help drive learning. It includes the entire alphabet, bilingual numbers 1-5 (English and Braille), different shapes (star, heart, square, circle, triangle), textured fabrics in primary colors, and a number of things that your child can touch, pull, push, spin, and move. It also has a music/song setting to add to the fun.

Why this toy is great
It offers lots to do for children who are either already walking or just learning to stand.  My 4 year old son finally learned how to say the whole alphabet in the correct order by being able to play with this toy. (And he's had flash cards, ABC books, and sound toys.) All in all I feel that any child would love this toy as they grow up. It's stimulating and fun!

What to watch out for
If the child is big enough or strong enough, it can tip over if they push on it, so be careful to prop it up beside something sturdy, or up against a wall. The balls can get lost, but I found a solution, you can buy rubber bouncy balls for 50 cents at either Wal-Mart or Target that fit as well! 

All in all the LeapFrog Baby Learn Around Playground is a great education toy that has helped my children to learn as they grow!

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  1. leg weights for walking also work great to keep from tipping over.

    1. Great tip! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.