Jojoba Oil 100% Pure Certified Organic by Foxbrim

Details:  Jojoba Oil by Foxbrim is 100% Pure Certified Organic.  It is rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and key vitamins including Vitamin E and B Complex.  Jojoba Oil mimics skins sebum which makes it a dynamic moisturizing oil.  Has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  This is unrefined, cold pressed and organic making it golden in color.

Perfect for face and body moisturizer, natural hair conditioner, oil cleansing, makeup remover, skin conditioner and preshave oil.

Comes with awesome guarantee.  If you don't like it for any reason, just contact Foxbrim for a full refund no questions asked.
My Review:  For decades I have heard about the wonders of jojoba enriched shampoos and conditioners.  Having tried those before, I did note that I liked those shampoos and conditioners with jojoba oil.  I have since liked the ability to purchase my own jojoba oil and add it to whatever product I desire, such as shampoos, conditioners and lotions.  Of course, just using jojoba oil plain and pure without any added ingredients is very beneficial too. I use this as a make-up remover, and apply to face every night and morning.

Today, I decided to try something new.  I'm all out of my go-to lotion and was debating about purchasing some more when I had the opportunity to review Foxbrim's large 4 ounce bottle of golden colored Jojoba oil.

This is the recipe I used:
1/4 c. coconut oil (not fractionated)
1/8 c. cocoa butter
1/8 c. shea butter

Heat until melted in a double boiler.

1 Tbs. aloe vera gel
1 tsp. Jojoba oil
1 tsp. Rose Hip Seed Oil
1 tsp. Vitamin E Oil

Mix well and refridgerate 1 hour.  Then add 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil.  Whip or mix with a blender or food processor.  Refrigerate again.  Will be semi-soft when using, but I've never had issues with this being greasy on my body once absorbed, which is quick, like just a couple of minutes.  My skin feels very hydrated and soft.  My husband even said my skin felt much softer and he even thought the lines around my eyes looked smoother. Yes!

I also just dyed my hair over the weekend, and it feels dryer than normal.  I added a small amount on my already dyed, washed, and dried hair.  It now shines, feels soft and no frizzies, and that's after being out in the high humidy (80%) prior to a big rain storm.  I'm going to add some of this wonderful jojoba oil to my husband's shampoo.  He doesn't like to use conditioners and I like his hair soft and silky.

I was very impressed that Foxbrim offered such a large 4 ounce bottle when so many other companies offer half that for the same price or more.  This is a great deal. Even though I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion, I really do like Foxbrim's products, and their Jojoba oil is amazing.

Pros:  Love everything about this oil for my skin and hair.  Great 4 oz. size bottle.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs Up!!!


Professional Lemon Squeezer + GIVEAWAY

Details:  The Professional Lemon Squeezer by Kitchen Frontier is made of commercial grade, high quality materials with a polished, mirror finish stainless steel.  It is heavy-duty that will not rust, chip or peel.  Built to last indefinitely.

Easy to use, just place fruit into bowl face down, squeeze the handles and let the juice flow freely while catching the seeds and pulp.

Easy to clean.  Dishwasher safe.  Comes with Lifetime Warranty.

My Review:  I've never experienced using a professional lemon squeezer such as this.  I just have the old fashioned kind.  My first impression when I opened up the box was this thing is huge.  I can squeeze my oranges too, not just lemons and limes.

I've learned over the years that to get the most juice from your citrus when squeezing, there are certain things to do first.  You can either roll the fruits on a counter or cutting board using the palm of your hand to soften the membranes of the fruit.  You can heat up the fruit in a microwave for about 30 seconds.  You can run the fruit under hot water for a few minutes.  Then when you are ready to squeeze, slice your fruit lengthwise (which is the opposite of what you would normally tend to do.)

Well after I washed the fruit using a mixture of vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil, I placed the lime and orange in the microwave for 30 seconds, then slightly rolled them in the palm of my hand to completely soften and break down the hard membranes so I could maximize the juice quantity.  Then I sliced my oranges the normal way, and the lime lengthwise.  Now my oranges are small.  In fact, the lime was larger than my oranges.  But my small oranges are very tasty.

When you place the fruit into the squeezer, it almost seems natural to place it in upside down.  Don't do that or you will have juice going where you don't want it.


When place properly, the juice will flow out the holes in the bottom into your container.

 Needless to say, when I saw all the pulp left on the peels, I thought that a lot of juice was still left untouched.  Not so.  I was pleasantly surprised that the pulp was extremely dry.  So, if you want the pulp in your juice, this lemon squeezer won't provide it.  You will have to manually extract the pulp from the peel.
After trying the oranges, I decided to test this professional citrus squeezer against my old fashioned kind.  I did this with the lime.  I sliced my lime lengthwise to maximize juice production.  I again was pleasantly surprised that each yielded the same amount of juice.  However, the old fashioned juicer gave me all the pulp, the professional squeezer left the pulp in the peel.  I'll tell you this, the professional squeezer has my vote.  It is faster, easier and more fun to use.  Clean up is fast and easy and there was less mess all together with Kitchen Frontier's Professional Lemon Squeezer.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, this would make a perfect gift.  Just think how much easier and quicker it will be to make freshly squeezed lemonade this summer using this fun kitchen tool.

GIVEAWAY:  Kitchen Frontier is offering a Giveaway of this Professional Lemon Squeezer for just $1.00.  Yep, You read that right.  Be sure to get your's today.

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Pros: Very impressed at how easy it was to use, and to see the yield of juice was the same using this against the old fashioned juicer.  Felt ergonomically designed for my hands.  Great product.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!


100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil 4 oz. Bottle

Details:  goPure Naturals is an All New, All Natural Skin Care Brand launching this month after years of research and development.  Their 100% Pure Peppermint Oil is Therapeutic Grade A, Cold Pressed Peppermint Oil from the Mentha Piperita Plant.

Peppermint oil provides a cooling sensation, offering immediate soothing relief for sore muscles and joints when applied topically.  Its refreshing, uplifting scent has been shown by modern research to stimulate multiple regions of the brain, which has a direct impact on the body, emotions and psyche. Helps with combating depression and anxiety by simply smelling the peppermint oil.  Massage into skin for prompt relief from sore muscles and joints.  Also great for relief from dandruff.  Again, massage into scalp.

Commonly used to provide relief for internal problems, peppermint oil has been shown to cure indigestion, promote hunger, and treat upset stomachs.  Helps relieve stomach gas, eliminating bloating and discomfort.  Those suffering from IBS find comfort taking 100% Pure Peppermint oil daily.  Helps naturally to treat UTI and energizes the immune system.  Promotes overall health by encouraging healthy blood flow, allowing the body to carry its nutrients to every cell.  To treat above symptoms simply stir a couple drops of the pure peppermint oil into a glass of water and drink.

Pure peppermint oil benefits the respiratory system providing relief from coughs, cold symptoms, asthma, sinusitis and bronchitis.  For relief of these symptoms use as a cold chest rub, or inhale though a vaporizer.

If this isn't enough to convince you that you need peppermint oil in your home today, then think about the benefits it offers by keeping insects such as spiders and cockroaches at bay.

My Review:  Since I was a little girl, I knew the importance of having Peppermint around the house. Back then it was in the form of dried peppermint leaves made into peppermint tea.  Often times my mother would make us peppermint tea when we were sick with a cold or flu etc.  It didn't take long for us to recover and be back outside playing.  Now with 100% Pure Peppermint Oil by goPURE Naturals, I can just add a couple of drops to a glass of water and drink that, rather than make up the tea, let it sit for 5 or more minutes, then strain the leaves, and then drink.  Not that a hot cup of herbal tea doesn't hit the spot sometimes, the Peppermint Oil is just more quick and convenient.

While sitting here at my desk typing up this blog post, I've experienced some pain in my upper arm. Have had this off and on over the last 9 months or so.  So, I just applied two drops of peppermint oil to my arm.  It hasn't been 2 minutes and I can feel the warmth seeping down into my muscles relieving the pain in my arm.  My husband, sitting 5 feet away at his desk working, said his nose cleared up and he can breathe better than he could just moments ago.
One lady told me she uses Peppermint Oil to help relieve her from migraine headaches.  She applies a drop to each temple, and rubs some on the back of her neck.  She receives instant relief.  She also mentioned she applies a drop or two in the back of her mouth whenever she or her family experience colds and they very seldom have it get any worse than an annoyance for a couple of hours.

I have tried the peppermint oil to ward off spiders.  This stuff really works.  Believe me.  I've tried just about every product on the market found in the Bug Killer section at my local Lowe's.  Nothing has worked like the peppermint oil to keep spiders away.  And with all the Black Widows I have around my place, I don't need spiders hanging out with me.

I make my own re-mineralization toothpaste.  I've had two cavities I've been working real hard to get rid of since January of this year.  One is completely gone, and the other is almost gone.  I believe that the Peppermint Oil in my DIY Toothpaste is a big part of why the cavities are disappearing.

This is such a great product,  I firmly believe every home should have 100% Pure Peppermint Oil.  It is a great panacea for our health.  Peppermint Oil is the world's most widely used essential oil. Be sure to check out goPURE on their FB page.

Pros: Amazing product that works for many different things.  Very versatile.  Therapeutic Grade A. Large 4 oz. amber colored bottle with glass dropper.

Cons: NONE.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!


3-Piece Ergonomic Garden Hand Tools Review + Giveaway

Details: LifeWell Garden Products provides quality tools which last a life time.  The Garden Hand Tool Set contains a sturdy hand trowel, a transplanting trowel with graduation engraving, and a hand cultivator.  Made from solid polished aluminum, they are rust-resistant, easy to clean and very strong. Ergonomically designed using a rubberized palm grip, to reduce hand and arm fatigue which means less blisters.  Brightly colored to ensure they are easy to spot even from a distance.

My Review:  Let me tell you.  When I was approved to review this product I was very excited.  New play toys for me.  My kids have all come to understand that when Mom wants to "play", she is out working in the garden/yard or painting walls.  I've even begged my son to fly me out to his new home so I could "play" with him as he painted walls.  Oh well.  These new "play" tools came at the right time.  

I was only going to go out for a few minutes and pull up some obnoxious weeds with my new toys. An hour and a half later, and because it started to rain, I finally came in.  I did not have any blisters on my hands.  These tools fit so comfy in the palms of my hands my arms were not tired one bit, even the next day.  Can't wait to go "play" some more later today.

The hand trowel is perfect for digging up weeds as well as useful for planting.  However, the transplanting trowel, with it's graduated numbers showing depth in inches and centimeters, is the perfect tool for planting seedlings and other plants that come in the starter packs.  It also does a great job digging up dandelions.  Which is the one tool I use the most - a dandelion digger, and not included in this set.  Not that I have a lot of dandelions, but I have quite an accumulation of weeds from the community lawn mowers.
Hand Trowel
Transplanting Trowel
The hand cultivator or "rake" does not have pointed tips.  Be it good or bad, you'll need to decide. I've only ever used those with the pointed tips, so was pleasantly surprised at how well this hand cultivator with the squared off tips actually performed better than I anticipated.  I especially like to use this tool for fluffing up my pine needles around my plants, especially after the hard rains we get. This tool is also used to remove shallow rooted weeds and loosen surface soil.  Personally, I didn't think it did a great job with the surface or shallow rooted weeds.  It did well with loosening the soil however.
Hand Cultivator
These hand tools are brightly colored lime green.  I didn't believe they would be easy to spot, but sure enough, I laid them down, took one of the tools with me around the yard, and didn't have to search long before I found where I placed the others.  The lime green really did stand out.

LifeWell Hand Tools are great little tools for every gardener.  I like my new set of toys.

GIVEAWAY:  If you would like your very own set of "play toys" aka a 3-Piece Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool Set by LifeWell, then enter the contest below.  Winners will be announced Monday, March 30, 2015.

Thanks to all who entered our Giveaway.  We appreciate your support.  Congratulations to our Winner ~ Ashley S.!!!

Pros:  Ergonomically designed. Do the job well. Love the bright color.

Cons:  Hand cultivator didn't really do the job in removing surface rooted weeds. No dandelion digger tool in this set.

My Rating:  Thumbs Up! Still great products.