Zim's Max Freeze Muscle & Joint Relief

Zim's Max is a company based out of North Lima, Ohio.  They have a dynamic line of naturally-based products that features different over-the-counter solutions.  Their formulas contain herbal ingredients for pain relief, skin care, diabetics and first aid. Having started over 60 years ago with their first product Zim's Max Crack Creme, their products can be found in nearly every major retailer in North America.

Muscle & Joint Relief
Having tried Zim's Max Crack Creme previously, I was very excited to have the opportunity to try and reviews Zim's Max Freeze muscle and joint relief.  This came at the most opportune time for me.  We were in the process of making our last and final move. We were having to load and unload a 26 foot UHaul, twice, as well as a van filled up to the max many times, and trailers being pulled by the UHaul.  Our backs, and every muscle in our bodies were certainly tried and worked beyond what we could imagine.  It was truly muscle saving to be able to apply Zim's Max Freeze to our sore and aching muscles.

Clear Greaseless Gel
It is a clear gel that readily and quickly absorbs into the skin.  It has a nice scent that does vanish fairly quickly, so you don't smell like a medicine cabinet at all.  It is greaseless which I also like.  No staining on clothes. It contains aloe, arnica, vitamin e and tea tree oil.  It is paraben and sulfate free.

Just this morning I needed to apply the Max Freeze gel to my lower back.  My muscles are still trying to build up to carrying 5 gallons of water in a bucket to water my fruit trees because we don't have enough hoses yet.  Within 5 minutes the pain had subsided.  It's been over 3 hours as of this writing and I'm still pain free.  My husband was quite impressed too at how fast and long lasting this gel works.  This does have a cooling effect.  I sometimes need to warm it up a bit on my fingers before placing on my back.  I highly recommend this product.

This product can be ordered online, but so convenient to find at nearly every major retailer in North America.  It sells for around $9.99 nationwide for their 4 ounce tube. This is quite reasonable in price, especially since it works so fast and lasts so long.

Next time you have sore aching muscles or joint pain, rush right out and pick up a tube of Zim's Max Freeze.  You'll be glad you did.

Cool Pain Relief Gel

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