Strange Lands: Heroes of Distant Planets Book 1 review

Strange Lands: Heroes of Distant Planets Book 1 book review

Genre: Fantasy

Plot:  Allen, the Boy has the whole world in his hands: well he at least thinks he does in his head.  However, when that world comes crashing down things seem to go from bad to worse, to scary.  When life is taken from him, Allen is left to fend for himself in a wheelchair and voiceless.  There is some good, Allen's Uncle becomes the reason he lives.  In this new quest to help and save his Uncle Allen finds a whole new world, Strange Lands, filled with fear, magic, and mystical creatures.

My Opinion:  Let me start by saying I'm not normally a sci/fi book lover.  It has to be the right type of fantasy book or right type of scientific book for me to want to read it, and then enjoy reading it.  I'm more of a historical fiction, Christian, hallmark happy story type reader.  So when I say that I like a fantasy book, that is big for me.  This book is written perfectly for ages of youth in their tween/ teen years.  It is easy enough to read and understand all the many new creatures, with new names, powers, their connection to Allen and his new life.  Strange Lands is a fun book, which is good, because I'm not a fan of deep dark scary books.  That said, it is a little too much fiction, and is a bit too wordy when descriptions are being used to really be fully enjoyed by adults...unless you enjoy fantasy whole and encompassing.

Interesting Details: Swimming is key to this whole book.  Allen is a great aquatic athlete in the very beginning, and he continues to swim throughout the book.  I found that very endearing and fantastic, because it reminds me of my youth: swim team, life guarding, swimming with my friends, siblings, parents, etc.  Allen is full of fear, he opening cries, and yet is constantly finding himself building up his courage, bravery, and confidence.  Something all tweens and teens are doing in real life.  A great example.

Amazon Link: You can buy the book here through the link below.  It is not an affiliate link, but the direct link to Strand Lands: Heroes of Distant Planets Book 1 on Amazon.

To comply with the Federal Trade Commission's regulations, I must mention as part of every review; that the publisher has provided me with a complimentary copy of the book, through Amazon, in exchange for an honest non biased review. There are no affiliate links, nor payments made for this review.  I have posted a review on Amazon as well.

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