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Beauty from the inside out is so obtainable with Beauty Infusion by NeoCell.  This is an all natural solution that leads to a more youthful and radiant beautiful body.  Over the years, collagen levels in our body leave it sagging, gives us brittle nails, and makes our hair thin out.  Other symptoms of lack of collagen include easy bruising, frequent muscle ache, stiff and painful joints, blood vessel issues, early destruction of teeth and loosening of teeth in gums. Honestly, who wants that?  But it does happen.  

NeoCell has provided us with a remarkable solution to regain our beauty, hydrate our skin and provide antioxidant power by nourishing it from the inside out.  Beauty Infusion is a refreshing drink mix that comes in 3 delicious flavors. Cranberry Splash, Appletini, and Tangerine Twist.  
#Neocell Beauty Infusion Cranberry Splash
Each container provides a 30 day supply.  Each scoop delivers 6000 MG of collagen Type 1 & 3 for firm, smooth skin, strong hair and nails; 50 MG of Hyaluronic Acid for skin hydration and renewal, 3000 MCG of Biotin for support of strong hair and nail growth; Alpha Lipoic Acid & Vitamin C for protection from free radical damage and enhancement of collagen formation.

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Like I've mentioned before, we are gearing up for another move.  We've been packing, boxing, and having a blast. Really!  This is a move we are looking forward too.  Needless to say, I have certainly been neglecting my body, and believe me, my nails and hair have certainly let me know. And the easy bruising now has an explanation....lack of collagen. Oh, yeah, and I have developed a more wrinkly face. Ugh! Something had to be done, and done real fast.  I want to look youthful and healthy when we move.  So while we are in a period of limbo right now, it was time to take time and reclaim my healthy body. NeoCell Beauty Infusion to the Rescue! 

NeoCell Laboratories Collagen Drink Mix - Beauty Infusion - Cranberry Splash - 11.64 oz - Gluten Free-Dairy Free-Yeast Free-Wheat Free-

I typically would rather just swallow a capsule than chew something or swallow a flavored drink.  Too many nasties from the past.  But I decided to give the Cranberry Splash a try. WOW! This beauty infusion is full of flavor.  I was so extremely impressed. I look forward to my tasty daily drink of health.

1 Scoop Daily Contains
6000 MG Collagen,
50 MG Hyaluronic Acid
3000 MCG Biotin
+ Vitamin C & Alpha Lipoic Acid
I've been drinking this 5 days a week for the last two weeks.  I have seen my fingernails grow approximately an 1/8 of an inch during this time.  That's quite impressive for me. Especially since up to that point, my fingernails were breaking daily, and definitely not growing. Not only that, but the ridges in my nails have disappeared.  In addition when I trimmed my nails last night, I couldn't believe how thick they were.  Certainly a vast improvement from the two weeks previous.

My hair feels thicker from the previous two weeks, and when I washed my hair this week, I didn't have near as much hair loss as I have had all year long.  

In just this short time I've been drinking the Cranberry Splash Beauty Infusion, I honestly can't say I've seen an improvement in my wrinkles on my face going away, but they haven't gotten any worse. (It's still only 10 days I've been drinking the Beauty Insusion though.) My skin on my hands have tightened up, and even though they weren't wrinkly, they certainly were not supple and smooth. That has improved. One would think with all the hand exercises I get by typing so much during the day, that would keep them firm. LOL. In spite of this, I firmly believe I will see improvement over the course of time, based on how quickly I experienced positive results for nails and hair.

The only downside to this marvelous product is when I mix my scoop of Beauty Infusion in my glass of water, it doesn't dissolve completely.  It sometimes makes me cough if I don't stir it when I get near the bottom of the glass of drink.  I have found that the longer I let it the powder sit in the glass after the initial blending, it dissolves better.  I have read other's reviews where they add this to smoothies, and don't have that issue of it not completely dissolving.  I haven't let this deter me from taking the drink.  I like the benefits too much.

I did receive this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  In any case, I highly recommend NeoCell's Cranberry Splash Beauty Infusion.  Get yours today and start your beauty transformation from the inside out. I'm confident you will love the fast results. 

NeoCell Beauty Infusion Cranberry Cocktail -- 11.64 oz (330 G)

Neocell Beauty Infusion Appletini

Neocell Beauty Infusion Refreshing Collagen Drink Mix Supplement, Tangerine Twist


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