Frozen Juice Mixing Hack

This frozen juice mixing hack is better than those mixing pitchers you can purchase. So many times I want to serve frozen concentrated orange juice for breakfast, but forgot to remove the can from the freezer the night before.  I could run the can under hot water for several minutes, but then I'm wasting money I have to pay to heat the water, let alone the money I have to pay to watch the water go down the drain.  I could also just fill up my sink with hot water, but again, a waste of money.  I could remove the metal lid, and zap the can in the microwave, but then I usually have a mess to clean up afterwards.  There are pitchers that can be purchased especially for mixing the frozen orange juice like mentioned above, but I have discovered a way that makes it easy with tools I already have.
frozen-juice-mixing-hack Empty the contents of the frozen orange juice    into a pitcher.  Add 1 can of water.  Take a potato masher, and mash the frozen concentrate.  Once the frozen juice is completely mixed with the water, you are ready to add the rest of the water, mix and serve. So Easy!

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