Improve Skin and Combat Anti-aging in 15 Days

Details:  Glow Matrix Advanced Skin Hydrator by Neocell will help improve skin moisture and elasticity as well as reduce signs of aging in just 15 days.  It is clinically tested.

Improve Skin and Combat Anti-aging in 15 Days
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Contains collagen matrix and ceramides.  Ceramides are a clinically-tested multifunctional nutricosmetic that fortify the skin's outermost layer and act as a water barrier to prevent the evaporation of moisture through the epidermis, keeping the skin hydrated and supple.  Ceramides also prevent the breakdown of the skin's collagen matrix by inhibiting collagenase, an enzyme that degrades collagen.

Ingredients in Glow Matrix are designed to internally hydrate the skin.  Key ingredients are Hyaluronic acid, pine bark extract, astaxanthin, lutein and coconut water powder.  Other ingredients include Vitamins A, C, D3, E, K2, B2, B6 and Selenium all know for their positive effect on skin.

My Review:  Neocell offers great products.  I've been impressed with those I have tried in the past. Lately I've been looking at various supplements to help me with my frozen shoulder, which is taking a way long time to get over.  My studies have shown that typically most get over frozen shoulder within a years time.  I'm going on 18 + months now.  I've tried various products, exercises, and even 1 treatment of acupuncture to no avail.  When I had the opportunity to try a couple of products from Neocell, it was really hard to pick because they are all soooo great.

Based on the increased pain I was dealing with and now my knees were starting to give me problems from my ramped up exercising, I knew these issues needed to be addressed now.  Therefore, I chose to try Glow Matrix Advanced Skin Hydrator.  Now you're probably thinking how does this relate to frozen shoulder and sore knees.

Just days prior to this review opportunity, I had just read the following statement by Dr. Julian Whitaker, whose advice I have followed for at least 25 years. "Joint pain and stiffness, and sagging, wrinkled skin are common complaints as we get older. But what if I told you there is a natural compound that could provide substantial benefits for both of these seemingly unrelated problems? Well, there is: hyaluronic acid."
Improve Skin and Combat Anti-aging in 15 Days

One of the key ingredients in Glow Matrix is Hyaluronic acid.  Not only this, but Glow Matrix had the added benefits of improving skin moisture and elasticity, and reducing signs of aging in just 15 days.  I couldn't go wrong.

The very first day I had started taking Glow Matrix, I had the best relief I had experienced with my frozen shoulder in a very long time.  Also, my knees did not hurt when I exercised.  I've Never had anything work so fast.  I also could see the results of the B Vitamins working too.  Felt more energy.

By day 2 I could actually do jumping jacks with both my arms above my head.  This hasn't happened in over 18 months.

Day 3 my arm had even more free range motion.  That day, I also noticed that I didn't need to slather on the lotions on my hands and arms like I was used to doing.  They actually felt hydrated.  My husband even commented on how soft my feet felt that day.

Day 4 the wrinkles in my hands and fingers had diminished.  They looked plump, not fat, but not all wrinkly.

Each day I see constant improvement with various parts of my body looking and feeling better.  I'm truly sold on this product.

Pros:  Superb product that actually produces results on Day 1. Very impressed with improvement I saw regarding frozen shoulder, and wrinkles disappearing, and skin looking and feeling hydrated.  I highly recommend this product.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  A Huge Thumbs Up!!!

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary products to facilitate this review, in exchange for my honest review.

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