Lemon Essential Oil by 100% Pure and Natural

Details:  Pure Body Naturals offers Premium quality Lemon Essential Oil that is 100% Pure.  No fillers. No additives.  Therapeutic Grade Citrus Limonum.  They offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you are not satisfied in anyway, just email them and they will refund you in full, no need to return bottle.  Stock sells out fast so order today.  Comes with glass dropper.


Lemon Essential Oil is a great freshener.  It helps clear the mind and used for aromatherapy.  Freshens clothes and air.  It disinfects and therefore ideal for cleaning metal surfaces, dishes and clothes.  Perfect for cleaning and polishing leather, jewelry and wood furniture.

Wanting to lose weight? Add a few drops lemon oil in your water for aid with digestion, boost weight-loss efforts, and boost your mood and metabolism.

My Review:  There are so many wonderful ways to use Lemon Essential Oil, and Pure Body Naturals has a huge 4 ounce bottle that is therapeutic grade.  I try to make sure all my essential oils are therapeutic grade so that I can benefit from them without worries.  This lemon oil smells delightful.  It really helps put me in a cheerful mood when I smell it.

When I listed my last house for sale, the realtor asked that we have lemon scent throughout the house so it would smell fresh, clean, and put them in a good mood.  Unfortunately, I didn't know about essential oils back then, but did find other products to use.  Now I can place the 100% Pure and Natural Lemon Oil in my diffuser and make my entire house smell clean and fresh, and lift our moods on those cloudy rainy days.

Where I live currently, our water is so hard, that my glass glasses have this perpetual film on them.  I've tried all kinds of things to get rid of this film short of installing a water softener.  I put 3 drops of lemon oil in my dishwasher and I couldn't believe my eyes, nor my nose when I opened it up after the cycle was complete.  The smell of lemon went throughout my entire kitchen, dining and family room.  It was amazing.  Then I looked at my glasses.  They weren't perfect, but so much of that film had come off and I was excited.

My husband is taking lemon oil with cayenne pepper, honey in warm water each morning to help him kick start his metabolism for the day, keep his system clean, and help him lose weight.  He says it tastes good and he likes the way it makes him feel.

I also mixed about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and whipped it till it was nice and fluffy, then added about 4-6 drops of lemon oil.  I use this on my feet.  My feet are much softer.  I've never had issues with stinky feet, but I do like how my feet smell now.

I also mixed a 50/50 ratio of white vinegar and water then added drops till it smelled lemony to this mixture.  I use this to wash my produce, my cutting boards and granite, and to clean my showers and sinks with.  There are so many uses for lemon oil, we are only limited by our imagination.  But do your own search and find what fancies you.  Be sure to order your 100% Pure and Natural Lemon Oil today.

Pros:  This is amazing.  So much you can do with lemon oil.  Works on everything I've tried it on.  So versatile.  A Top Must Have Essential Oil.

Cons:  None.

My Rating:  A Big Thumbs UP!!!

Disclaimer: I received this gift from the manufacturer for posting this review.  I was not required nor compelled to write a positive review.  The opinions I have expressed are my own.  I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR, Part 255.

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