Details: Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula by Omni Herbals is a dietary supplement to help one safely lose weight.  They offer a 100% 60 day money back guarantee on their product.  This product helps inhibit fat production, increases fat burning, decreases appetite, and promotes healthy body weight.

Review:  I was given an opportunity to review this product for free.  My opinions are my own.  

The very best thing I liked about this weight loss supplement is that it Did Not contain caffeine.  Too many products out there do.  I personally do not want to take caffeine into my body, but I also have adverse affects when I do.  To find any kind of weight loss product without is hard to do.  Then if one is lucky enough to find one without caffeine, it usually doesn't work.

Well, this product really does work without the caffeine.  I wasn't sure just how well this would actually work, but I gave it a try and I really like the Pharmacist Weight Loss supplement.  I wasn't expecting it to work very quickly, but within 2 days, not changing anything by way of what I ate, or my exercise routine, I lost 2 pounds.  I was surprised.  By day 3, I started noticing I wasn't as hungry throughout the day as I normally was.  Therefore, I started to eat less.  By day 5 I had lost 3 1/2 pounds. 

 I only took half a bottle of this product, stopped, and waited to see how long before my appetite returned, and how long the weight would show up.  Now, I need to let you know, this was all during Christmas and New Years when I, like so many other people, eat all of those high carb, high fat, high caloried delicious foods that usually only come once a year.  Well folks, the weight stayed off, and my appetite didn't return to the ravenous hungry ways of pre-Pharmacist Weight Loss supplement for over a full month.  It wasn't until near the end of January when stress settled in, and yes, I do believe it was truly stress, that my weight started to creep back up.

Let me tell you this is one product I am sold on for a permanent weight loss solution. I've been very impressed by it.  I think you will be too.  I did not notice any side effects whatsoever than to just lose weight.  It's a terrific product.  You can see the ingredient list here.

Pros:  It works, and for me it worked almost instantly.

Cons:  A little more pricey than I want to pay.

My Rating: A big Thumbs UP!  

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