Children's Book about Happiness

Details:  Princess Sophia and the Frog is a delightful children's fairy tale about happiness.  Suzy Liebermann is a former teacher and enjoys writing stories for children.  She carries a theme throughout each book that helps children become better in some way.

Review:  This is another one of Suzy's great children's book.  I love the rhyming in this book, and how Princess Sophia learns about happiness.  She is a princess that is bored with her life.  She meets a magical frog, and with certain key things Sophia must do, the frog takes her to other places.  To learn about happiness, however, Sophia first learns about those who are not.  She finally finds a place that is happy and she enjoys it too.  But the magic comes to an end and she ends up back at home, with new friends, and is very happy.

It doesn't matter if you have boys or girls you plan to read this book to, it will be enjoyed by both.  Happiness can be learned.  Suzy Liebermann helps teach us this in her various books.

You'll be sure to please your child with a copy of this ebook.

Pros:  Great job at showing the opposite of being happy before meeting happiness.

Cons:  Formatting for androids still not right.  It shows two book pages on one screen, and makes it hard to read from an android.  The computer shows just fine.  Don't have a tablet to test it on that.

My Rating:  Thumbs Up!!!

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