Motor skill toys for children

Details: First Time: My 1st Teach Time Gift Set. Made for children 12 months and older.  3 toys in one package.  Learning as they play.  Shape sorter: 6 shapes.  Stacking Rings: 4 rings and a Teddy Bear top.  Stacking cups: numbered 1-5.  All sets of toys are in happy bright colors.  No noises, no lights, no batteries. $7 at Big Lots.

My Review: My 3 year old son got this for
Christmas last year.  He had so much fun playing with these toys.  Even at age 3, he had a ton of fun with these toys for about 7 months.  The stacking cups were great, because his older brother used a set for school time, and playing kitchen.  The stacking rings were fun, but the Teddy bear head didn't fit very well, so that was put away for most of that time.  The shape sorter was the hardest toy for my 3 year old to do on his own.  Even as the Mommy I had a hard time getting the top off the bottom to get the shapes out once they were put into the toy.  This is definitely a none name brand play set of toys, are sold at an amazing price, this is good, not great, but good.  Of the 3 toys, the stacking cups were the best.  They have a little hole in the bottom of each, so even in the tub or pool these are great toys.  

Pros: love the bright colors, love the simplicity of the toys, and the stacking cups are fun

Cons: the shape sorter is too hard for even a 3 year old to play with alone, the Teddy head didn't really fit or stay on the stacking rings.

My Rating: thumbs up for great price, and a good product, but thumbs down to the not so kid friendly shape sorter, and not very child entertaining stacking rings Teddy bear head that doesn't work

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  1. Parents should purchase toys that are appropriate for their children's age. As for toddlers, their motor skills would be further developed by introducing them to toys like these. Anyway, this is an informative review. Thanks!