Good Feet Arch Supports

Details: Good Feet Arch supports can offer the comfort, balance and alignment you need to get you out of pain or keep you from ever experiencing foot pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain and more.  They offer versatility and are designed to provide immediate comfort.

Review:  I was approaching a week long excursion where I would be doing a lot of walking.  I was prepared and brought 2 pairs of walking shoes.  One pair was more comfortable than the other, so obviously I planned the longest walking days with that pair of shoes.

Prior to any full length day of walking, I was able to attend a seminar regarding back pain.  I made sure I was there.  I do have lower back pain, and lately it rolls over to my hips.  It gets bad to where I can't sleep at night, but I'm not willing to take pain pills or see a dr. because I know what those outcomes would be like.  Instead I try to do specific back exercises which usually help.

During the seminar, I learned how posture is so important in walking, sitting, etc., to help relieve back pain.  Nothing new, just a great reminder.  All attendees were asked to stand with their hands cupped behind their backs.  Then someone came along and pushed down into our cupped hands with theirs, and everyone toppled over.  That was something.  It was due to improper posture.

The seminar continued to explain that if we had proper support from our base, which is our feet, we would not topple so easily.  We would stand erect, our gait would be natural, back pain, knee pain, hip pain would be eliminated.  This was sounding good.

Next we each walked on a piece of paper that recorded our footprint.  This showed where the pressure points were focused on our feet as we walked.  It also helped to determine which set of Good Feet Arch supports would work best for each person.
After being fitted for the arch supports, with the arch supports now placed on the floor, and our feet on top of them, we did the test again with our hands cupped behind our back.  Only those who didn't get fit properly toppled this time.  Adjustments were made, tests redone, and wahlah.  Everyone was good to go.

One man at our seminar was actually scheduled for back surgery after our excursion.  We saw him a couple of days later, and he was so impressed with the Good Feet Arch supports that he was cancelling his back surgery.  I walked many miles and up to over 10 hours of walking some days without a single problem with my back or hips, like I had previously experienced.  My husband didn't really have back problems, but he said after wearing them the first day, he couldn't believe how he wasn't tired from walking.  He later played a softball game wearing the inserts, and still no problems.  In fact, he was running so fast that he actually out ran the guy on base in front of him.  These things really work.

If you are experiencing any kind of back problems, be sure to find a Good Feet store near you and get fitted for the best shoe inserts available.

Pros:  These are wonderful for my feet.  I transfer my pair to each pair of shoes I wear.  They can be worn with sandals, but not recommended unless you use more than the Velcro strips they provide. If I know I have a lot of walking to do, I make sure I'm wearing these.  I don't wear shoes in my house, but I am looking into getting a pair of "house shoes" just to keep these inserts under my feet throughout the day.  Usually when I do a lot of walking, my legs will swell up.  They have not swollen up at all when I use the Good Feet arch supports.

Cons:  These are very expensive.  My husband and I had cancelled a tour we were planning on for various reasons, mainly because of the reviews we read about how many people came away with severe back injuries.  The cost of that tour actually covered our soul inserts.  So yeah, very expensive.  But, on the other hand, my back and hips have never felt better as long as I am wearing them.  I never had problems sleeping on those long days of walking using the Good Feet supports, like I would have otherwise.  So for me, despite the cost, it was well worth it.

My Rating:  A big Thumbs UP for comfort, my back and hips not hurting or legs swelling when walking, and still be able to sleep through the night without any discomfort.  A Thumbs Down for price.

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  1. No doubt shoe inserts help repairing foot issues as my pain has abridged and more bearable after trying shoe inserts.