Finding Monsters

Details: Finding Monsters YA book by Liss Thomas.  Missy has been sick with cancer since she was young.  Now that she is dying, she is thinking more about how good her life has been, trying to drown out the voice that keeps telling her what she has missed out on.  What if just this once, since she doesn't have much longer to live, she gives into this voice, and listens.  What if that voice belongs to something living. What if that voice is non other than the monster under her bed.  What if monsters are real, and you just keep finding more and more.

My Review:  I love reading great books, YA, included, because they are usually more fun, more light, and the creative powers it takes to entertain a teenager, is a lot more than what it takes to entertain an adult or child.  But that's just my option, from my own experience growing up reading non stop.  Liss Thomas wrote this book very well.  In fact, after I finished I was reading some of the notes, and she says when she first wrote this, that it was intended to be a short story series.  That really made me excited because I really want to write a short story series for younger children.  But then I continued reading her notes and she was told by a great agent that there just isn't any interest in short story series. Which was a big bummer, but if she can turn a short story series into a great novel, then there's hope for me too.

Finding Monsters is an amazing book.  I love the details.  When it comes to my personal opinion, details count big time.  I want to see each character, and feel their emotions.  A reader should be so sucked into the book that they feel like they surface just to get air, food, and go to the bathroom before diving back under for more.  This isn't at all what I expected to read, it was better.  Just from the title I knew it meant monsters under beds.  So the twist put on that was unexpected, beautiful, and exciting.  I'm so excited for the next part of this book, its going to bug me until Liss is finished with it.

Pros: great story line, great characterization, amazing details.  I love the lesson of what was once weak, is now strong.  I love the lesson of Cancer can't get me down!

Cons: none

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