Warm Bodies

Details: Zombie guy feels so much different than the other zombies.  He wants to have a regular life.  But can he stop being a zombie?  Can the general's daughter Julie, get out of the zombie world and back to her own world? Or will the Bonies get to her first?  Why is the Zombie guy changing?  What will this mean for him and his dead kind?  Actors: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, and Analeigh Tipton.  "He's still dead, but getting warmer".  Genres: comedy, horror, romance.  2013 movie.  "Love can change us!"

My Review: Um...??? Is what went through my mind for the first 10 minutes.  Okay after 20 minutes I was still like...um...wow...what the...?  So zombies like to eat brains so they can have memories.  Not to feel so dead.  It was really funny when he drove the car.   And all the monologue narrative was weird but funny. As the movie progressed it got funnier, and then turned into a Romeo and Juliet of the Zombies.  Seriously, I would never watch it again, but it was neat.  We rented it from the Redbox, and my personal opinion is that its not worth more than what you pay for a Redbox movie.  Surprisingly I am giving this movie a thumbs up, because "Romeo" actually lives.

Pros: funny, good actors, predictable plot

Cons: I really wonder what zombie enthusiasts think about this.

My Rating 

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