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Details: Instant Learning Series: Vocabulary Make Easy by Pat Wyman.  Learn new words in Half the time! A+ word memory.  Tips and tricks, and advice from experts on how to have, learn and benefit from a great vocabulary.  Geared for any age to learn from, though for children adults/ parents/ teachers will have to  do the reading and teaching from this book. Free Kindle ebook.

My Review:  I got this from my home school group, thinking it would give great advice on teaching children how to have better vocabulary.  I thought that it would help me, as a teacher and parent, to teach vocabulary, reading, spelling and writing to better my children's knowledge in their school subjects.  It took about 10 minutes to go through, I didn't really feel like I gained anything from it at all in fact.  I'm glad it was free, because if I had paid for it, that was a total waste.  I felt like this book was written but not in an organized manner, and without an editor because I really didn't know what I was reading about.

If  you would like to check it out, do so here.

Pros: it was free

Cons: it wasn't a good book, it didn't help

                                                                                               My Rating 

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