NeoCell Resveratrol antioxidant

Details: NeoCell Resveratrol antioxidant age defying micronutrients for cellular rejuvenation and youthful vitality.  Knotweed free.  100mg trans reveratrol per serving, 150 capsules, with 5 per serving.  NeoCell Resveratrol antioxidant contains Trans-Resveratrol that is extracted from the red wine grapes, grape vine, and seed from the Bordeaux region in France.  Gluten free, GMP certified.  Helps with heart health, and immune support.

My Review: I was really excited to get this product from NeoCell, to test, try and review (for free), because of the helpful aspects it has for heart health.  Now, I'm not a big fan of having to take pills, supplements, or swallow capsules to be healthy.  But I've learned to start taking these with a healthy juice, instead of water, because they don't leave gross after tastes on my tongue, and they don't make me sick, and they go down easier, because the juice is thicker than water.  With this said, both NeoCell products that I've been testing, I've been drinking with a healthy juice (usually sugar free cranberry acai juice).  This product is helping my body have more energy, helping me not get sick, and keeping my heart healthy, so I can go and go and go and go like a wife and mom needs to do for her family.  Aside from how I feel, I don't really see any or have noticed any other differences in my body.  So even thought I believe that it's working, I'm not really 100% sure it is.  The thing is though, this product isn't harmful for your body, so that's a plus.  But, I'm going to finish off this bottle, and go from there.  I believe its working, so there's a good chance that it will also work with you.

They are purple in color
Pros: I feel great when I take it regularly.

Cons: I don't know 100% that its working

Disclaimer: I received this product to test, try, and review for free from NeoCell

My Rating: thumbs up for me thinking it works, thumbs down because I'm not really sure.

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