Prized Your Journey as His Daughter

Details: Prized! Your Journey as His Daughter by Noelle Toscano.  Life in today's world can be hard, worrisome, frustrating, saddening, happy, joyful, confusing, and dark.  Noelle offers great advice for young girls and teenagers on how to find the light of God in a world full of evil, sadness, darkness, and anger.  She sheds light on those awkward years called the growing up stage of life where you are tossed about on the waves of everyone around you trying to influence, lead, guide, and control you.

My Review:  I have read many books like this and have never found one that actually speaks to me and what I personally went through as a teenager.  But Noelle Toscano does an excellent job!  I'm glad, as a grown woman to find a book that speaks truth, shares embarrassments, confusion, anger, sadness, love, and learning in such a way that I firmly believe does and will speak to every young girl and every young woman.  Her writing style isn't spectacular, she isn't well known, but God has given her a talent and the ability to speak to us females in a way that we understand, want to learn more from, and are grateful she wrote about her life so we can be better.  She is a great Christian writer in my view.  I personally recommend all parents get this book for themselves, to better understand what their daughters are going through.  But to also get this book for their daughters so they have someone to relate to, and be able to cope better with the challenges and struggles of tween and teenage life.  This is also great for anyone who teaches, leads, or guides teenage girls.  With all the scriptural references from the Bible, it really is great for any religious group too.

Pros: great book all around, speaks to everyone

Cons: none

                                                                                              My Rating I got this book for free to read, and review from BookCrash!

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  1. Thank you so much for your review! It brings my heart such joy that Prized! spoke to you and that you enjoyed it!