Colon Clenz

Details: Body Gold: Herbal Colon Formula, gentle and dependable, overnight success.  75 capsules dietary supplement.  Colone Clenz dietary supplement is a gentle and dependable blend of herbs intended to provide nutritive support for healthy bowel function and to support a clean internal environment.   Ingredients: cascara sagrada, senna leaf, rhubarb root, black walnut, aloe vera, oregon grape, yellow dock, valerian, slippery elm.  1 capsule a day.  The combination of these specific herbs is for soothing the colon and providing healthy regularity without discomfort thanks to the specific herbs that are for detoxification.

My Review:  I've been using this product for 2 months now, on a daily basis.  Its the best gentle colon clenz that I have found to actually work just like it claims.  I now have regularity, no discomfort, and it really does work over night.  I'll take this in the morning with the rest of my vitamins.  I buy this at Walmart for around $10 a bottle.  They just started selling the 75 capsules, before it was a 30 day supply.  I don't take this for a constant detox or cleanse in it self, but for the regularity of bowel movements, and the ease of such, so there is no more constipation or discomfort with bowel movements.

Pros: it works wonderfully, an honest company making honest true and tried claims

Cons: if you miss just one day you will notice a HUGE difference, so I have to take this daily

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  1. I like to do a colon cleanse about twice a year. This is the product that I use. Good to know they now sell a 75 capsule bottle. Like you said, this really works. It's a great product.