The Greek's Favorite Yogurt ~ FAGE

Details:  FAGE yogurt (pronounced fa-yeh) is a very traditional Greek Yogurt.  Any true Greek Yogurt is plain yogurt, no fruit nor sweeteners added.  FAGE is Greece's most popular brand of yogurt.  It started being exported in 1998.  You can find FAGE in natural and health stores, as well as a few grocery stores across the US.  "When you eat FAGE Total, you’re part of the ancient Greek tradition of “good living.” Cook with it, and you’re bringing the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle into your diet."

Review:  I had never tried Greek yogurt before.  I was skeptical at trying it at all for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost was the price of Greek yogurt.  Plain and simple.  I'm frugal at heart, and since I've made my own  yogurt in the past, I couldn't see paying the price.  

I was fortunate enough to be able to try the FAGE yogurt free.  Good thing too, as I'm not sure I would want to dish out $4.00 for a 17 ounce container otherwise.  The yogurt is very smooth and creamy tasting.  I love sour cream, but this yogurt beats out the flavor of sour cream by far.  I was impressed by that.

In the meantime, I made a veggie dip with FAGE that was enjoyed by all, and a big surprise when I mentioned it was made with yogurt and not sour cream.  However, those in the group are like me, the cost of healthy eating is a bit steep.

FAGE has many delicious recipes to try on their website.  You can see those here. 

Overall, this #1 Greek yogurt is excellent in taste and texture.  If you are already eating Greek yogurt and haven't tried FAGE, then put this on your shopping list and give it a go.

Pros:  Once again, this is a very smooth and creamy yogurt that I would be willing to eat again.

Cons:  Very pricey, just like any Greek Yogurt.

My Rating:  Thumbs up on flavor and texture.  Thumbs down on price.  

Disclaimer:  (#GotItFree) I received a coupon to try FAGE yogurt free from BzzAgent to initiate a review.  My review and opinions are my own. Yours may differ from mine.

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