Wreck it Ralph

Details: An American movie filmed in 2012.  When an arcade villain gets the case of "greener grass on the other side", things go from normal living to being turned upside down for the good guys.  Three arcade games get mixed up and end up fighting for their lives as the threat of being "unplugged" hangs over head, literally.  Can a "bad guy" become good?  Can a "wrecker" fix things?  Can the "good guys" work to help the "bad guy" together to save their arcade game.

My Review: My little family has watched this movie 5 times now.  Growing up I never played video games.  My brother did, his friends did, my husband and his friends did too.  Having a husband who loves video games and kids who love video games as well, this was a must see movie for us.  We saw it the first time in the movie theater as a family.  Then we would rent it from Blockbuster and then the Red Box and watched it a whole bunch more times.
Wreck it Ralph has an awesome moral to the story.  Fighting evil making friends finding out what life really is about.  Learning why having a hero in life is really important to children and adults is well being that hero.  We loved all the colors, the characters, the humor, and the puns.

Pros: humor, plot, characters

Cons: none

                                                                                       My Rating

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