Celsius Energy Drink

Detailed: Celsius is a pre-exercise energy drink, but more importantly they focus on being a healthy energy drink.  They use a high level of vitamins that when combined help increase metabolism to increase on a higher lever your fat burn while still giving you the energy you need to burn that fat while exercising.  "Burn 100 more calories per serving." The vitamins and minerals found in Celsius are: Ginger, Calcium, Chromium, all B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Green Tea with EGCG.  This is a supplement, not something to be used without exercise.  3 types of Celsius energy drinks are redily available in different quantities.  Carbonated drinks come in 3 flavors: Sparkling Cola, Sparkling Orange, and Sparkling Wild Berry.  Non-carbonated drinks come in 2 flavors: Mango Peach Green Tea, and Raspberry Green Tea.  And the powered On the Go Sticks are only in the Orange flavor.

My Details:  We got this review product two weeks before I went on a 2 week vacation with my little family.  We were sent 4 packets of powder, and 5 energy drink in various flavors in a Celsius cooler bag.  During the first week, I was sick and didn't exercise at all, so I couldn't use the energy drinks.  The second week I finally exercised once, and drank, well tried to drink a Celsius Sparkling Wild Berry flavored energy drink.  It was really gross, and the more I tried to drink, the more sick to my stomach I felt.  By the time I got to the gym I had only been able to drink about 1/4 of the can.  I threw the rest away.  The flavor was a good flavor, but it was the carbonation that made me so sick.  I drink sodas but on rare occasions, so I know how much "bubbly" I can handle, and there was just way too much in this drink for me.  It was worse than Canadian Dry, or Ginger Ale.  But I also want to clarify that I don't like sparking water either.  So with that little amount of Celsius drink in me, I spent 1 1/2 hours working out on the exercise machines at the gym.  I actually had really good energy, I was able to keep going at a steady pace, my heart wasn't over worked or hurting.  

Now for our vacation time, and an excellent time to pass on the cans of energy drinks to my husband while he works, trains, and drives.  I decided to bring the drinks with me.  My husband tried the Peach Mango Green Tea.  He had the same complaint as me that it was gross.  While on vacation we tried to get my Father-In-Law to drink a Celsius Sparkling Cola but he wouldn't touch it, even though he loves Coke, Dr. Pepper and Pepsi.

On our first day/night of driving we drove 8 hours from 7pm-3am.  My husband drove the first 4 hours, and then needed to take a break, so I started driving around 11pm.  I was tired when we pulled over to switch drivers.  Our kids were asleep in their car seats.  So I took one of my bottles of water, and poured a powder packet from Celsius into it, and drank that for then next 2 hours.  I was wide awake, alert, calm, and able to drive from 11pm-3am really easily.  I loved the Orange flavor of the packets!  More importantly they worked when giving me energy when I really needed it.

Over all, I feel like despite me and my family not liking any of the drinks in the cans, but really enjoying the powered Celsuis, there are options for everone.  Non Carbonated drinks have Green Tea in them, Carbonated drinks are available in more flavors, and the powdered forms are without both the carbonation and Green Tea.  My personal favorite was the On the Go Sticks or the powdered form of Celsius.

Pros: love the On the Go Sticks, love the flavors of the energy drinks in the cans

Cons: don't like the energy drinks in the cans, neither the Sparkling nor the Green Tea options

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