Life of Pi movie

Details: A 2012 American movie based on the book by Yann Martel published in 2001.  Can a boy with a very amazing name change his fate, change his name and get the respect he needs to stand up to the bullies in his schools?  When a 16 year old boy survives a terrible ship wreck that killed his family, he gets lucky and gets a life boat, but his companions aren't normal sailors.  Can a boy, zebra, tiger, hyena, and orangutan get along in the same life boat? The story of a Hindu boy who comes to know God through his many adventures, lessons, trials, and journeys.  Wanting to understand the ending better, here is a great website you can check out.

My Review: I read this book in college years ago.  I don't remember anything about the book just that it was confusing.  Our whole class was confused.  We all read it to figure out what a tiger, a boy had to do with God.  So when the movie came out it was pulling teeth from me to watch it. 
Watching the movie I was pleasantly surprised.  It was sad, funny, enlightening.  How many times will God call a man.  How many times will God listen and watch us. 
"What story do you prefer?"
"The one with the tiger."
"Thank you. "
"It is the better story."
"And so it is with God."

Pros: great images, lessons, heart

Cons: now I need to read the book

                                                                                            My Rating

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