Atkins Snack Bars

Details:  Atkins Snack Bars are the go to food when you need that extra pick-me-up, or have a need to satisfy a food craving without compromising influx of blood sugar or calories.

Review:  I was able to sample 3 of the Atkins Snack Bars.  From left to right they are the Carmel Chocolate Peanut Nougat Roll, Cranberry Almond Bar, and the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.

The first one falls under the category of Snack/Light Meal.  This one was very delicious.  It was almost as good as a Snickers Bar, which I really like.  The Cranberry Almond Bar was like the chewy granola/yogurt bars.  It had a slight bitter taste to me, but still worth trying if you are on a diet.  This bar falls under the category of Day Break.  It is the bar to eat for breakfast or a morning snack.  The last one is the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.  This bar falls in the category of Meal Advantage.  It will supply your body with the needed nutrients, besides it tastes good.  Don't expect a Reece's Cup.  Atkins does offer their own version of that.

Each bar was very tasty, and a great alternative to the high calorie snacks you may all ready be eating.  Also a great snack for kids lunches, or hikes etc.

Next time you want a tasty snack, consider the Atkins Snack Bars.

Pros:  Very tasty, a healthy alternative to snacking. 

Cons:  As with any food product, a lot is based on personal taste.  Even though I didn't care for the Cranberry Almond Bar, my husband loved it.

Rating:  Thumbs Up! 

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