Write, Slide, & Learn School Books

Details: The Write, Slide and Learn book series has 3 titles Math, Phonics and Spelling.  What the wipe clean pages you can write on them, slide to see the answers, and learn which keeps your children engaged and entertained as you work through these books.  These books are for ages 5 and up.  The wipe off pages allow for easy repeated practice.

My Review: Hinkler Books: Write, Slide and Learn: Math, Phonics, and Spelling.  I have only known about these books for a couple weeks now I bought that math book and the spelling book from Goodwill for 3 dollars each.  As I home school my kindergartner in a preschooler I try to find a fun activity books that will help them easily love to learn to read love to learn to spell love to learn to count and write.  These books seem to do that all in one.
The math books specifically helps your child  learn how to count from 1 to 12, word problems, missing numbers, most and least, even numbers, odd numbers, counting backwards, addition, subtraction, and other such a valuable skill that children need to learn. My 6 year old loves using these books!  He loves being able to slide out the answers to make sure he's doing it properly and it helps and learn to visualize the numbers not just write them.
The Spelling book specifically helps your child learn to spell 280 commonly used words, work on beginning sounds, ending sounds, missing letters, rhyming words, consonants and vowels, and other such important skills needed.  Since right now all I have is the last book in the spelling but I can't wait to find the phonics book even if I have to pay full price these are totally worth it I highly recommend these books.
Again these are great for home schoolers for Parents to just want to give their kids extra help with their school work and great for the summertime when you want to make sure your kids don't forget what they learned the previous school year.

Pros: excellent content, easy to use, easy to clean

Cons: I would like to see this series of books come in different levels: like Kindergarten and First Grade.

                                                                                My Rating 

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