Priddy Books USA Activity School book

Details: Priddy books: United States of America wipe clean let's learn activity book is for ages 3 and up.  Has 26 pages of wipe clean activities.  Children can practice writing, counting, and solving puzzles.  Learn about the 50 states, their capitals, their flags, they're state flower,  insect or tree.  Word searches, missing letters, counting images, finding the differences, and more mini activities per page.  Priddy Books has a large variety of Wipe Clean books available in different age ranges, topics, and places.
My Review: We got this book when my son was 4 years old so that he had an activity to do as we drove across country moving.  In the car he got really bored of it really quickly this is definitely something for parents to work on with their children especially as a school activity or at your regular extra learning activity book.  Now that my son is 6 years old he starting to be able to do it on his own if he can now read a lot of the words understand what he supposed to do with a different activities and puzzles and he's having a lot of fun using this as a school activity book.  He's learning a lot about the USA me he's learning about the states their capitals the United States Capitol.  This is supplementing with other states puzzles and activities that we use on the Kindle, On the computer with books and teaching so that everything is just memorized.  I feel like this is a great tool to use especially for home schoolers.

Pros: fun, great facts, awesome activities
Cons: not for children to do on their own unless they can read. 

                                                                              My Rating 

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