Hiding in Sunshine

Details: A father and teenage daughter co-authored novel.  A thriller story of truth, imagination, and technical terms.  About a family whose life is turned upside down started by an FBI visit.  The Brinkley's are forced into hiding for 11 years.  How can one family suffer so much? How can one family stay together and stay safe through the biggest terror attack the USA has ever know?  How can a genius on the run fight an enemy he can't see?

My Review: This book was a gift from Influenster, which I got for free to read, and review.  I was a little worried about how much of a thriller a book this was going to be.  I enjoy many genres of boos but I don't like to be scared by what I read.  This wasn't bad at all.  What could be better than a compelling story about a family who looses their hard earned fortune, lives, names, friends in a suspenseful novel full of surprising treachery, betrayal, and fear.  I enjoyed this novel.  It was fun and very engaging to read.  I truly look forwards to more books from these authors.  I'm still trying to figure out if this is a real story or not.

Pros: well written, engaging, suspenseful, great

Cons: none

                                                                        My Rating 

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