Jack the Giant Slayer

Details: 2013 movie with the Fairy Tale Jack and The Bean stalk as the theme.  "Fee Fye Foe Fumm!"  Bryan Singer the producer of X-Men is also the producer for this movie.  Cast: Nicholas Hoult from the newest X-Men, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Ian McShane, Bill Nighy.  Here is a great link to find all the details about this movie straight from Warner Brothers.
My Review: My husband and I got to go on a date tonight.  We got to watch the 3 D version of Jack the Giant Slayer.  What an incredible movie it was awesome!  The graphics were great, special effects were incredible, 3D was the best 3D version we'd ever seen.  You can see this in either 2D or 3D, but we really liked the 3D.  It wasn't too crazy, no dizzy feelings when the screen pans out.  No fuzzy images because of the disposable glasses from the theater.  We got great seats!  I will personally admit that I closed my eyes about 5 times.  I've have a little bit of a height fear.  Also there were a few gross images (nothing super nasty and graphic, but enough to have the audience all go "ew" at the same time).  I highly recommend seeing this movie!

Pros: amazingly well written, great plot, really good special affects

Cons: none

                                                    My Rating: Giant Thumbs Up


  1. The film Jack the Giant Slayer is not very good only good and the children may not still accept this picture.There is no logic in this film perhaps like to see at only one time and never next.Waste of time.

  2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Personally I'm very excited to see the movie. Those who love movies need to go with an open mind. And of course not everyone will love the same movies. Elizabeth, you did a great review. Thanks