Look Twice

Details: Look Twice is the sequel to Blaze of Glory written by M. Garzon.  Both stories are about a broken family whose only connection is their horse farm.  Twin siblings are growing up, finishing high school and getting ready for the future.  As Tea worms her way into the black sheep possition in her family with her intimate relationship with her cousin.  Until unexpected turns of events occur and something crazy brings the family the whole family to a new level in terms of comfort, joy, and anger.

My Review: I love this novel.  I have personally been working with the author M. Garzon and was able to read both Blaze of Glory and now Look Twice.  When I was reading Blaze of Glory, I felt like I was reading a Twilight story line but with horses.  I hated Twilight.  So when I agreed to read Look Twice, I was really curious as to what it would be.  This is one of the BEST books I've read this year.  I love it!!!  There are so many unexpected things that happen that just make this book.  I got this book and started reading it, but then my Kindle Fire broke and I was out of being able to read this for 11 days.  It was aweful.  I wanted to curl up and read this book but I couldn't until my Kindle Fire came back.  With this said, it took me 3 weeks to read this, which would have taken me 3 days to read.  I would love to have this series.  I hope that the author will write at least one more book in this series, because there are some things I need to have resolved, and I need to read about.  Here is my review on Blaze of Glory.


Cons: none


                                                   My Rating

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