Finding Mercie

Finding MercieFinding Mercie by Blaine M. Yorgason
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What would you do if you knew you were innocent of a horrible crime, but because you are a different color and or a different race the cops don't believe a word you said. What would you do when those you can turn to for help and safety seem to be just as dangerous as those gangsters and criminals who put fear in the hearts and minds of all they come in contact with? How would you feel if your race wasn't good enough to live in an area of the city? What would you do if someone of a different race hurt you so bad the pain and anger are consuming your life? This novel discusses racial differences, racial criminals, racist cops/ detectives, gangs, criminals, and the innocence of women and children and teenagers being destroyed.

Details: When an older man hears the cries of a young girl, he never would have expected coming to her aid would change his life forever. Running her many streets down to the hospital, Hector finds himself struggling with life, his heart isn't as young or strong as it used to be. The secrets that have been kept that must be protected by lies are being flung into the open, and God is asking for repentance and forgiveness. A young girl's life hangs by the fragile thread of lies and honesty and what you expect is wrong, what you wish isn't always the right answer, and what is the truth, and what lies that are good and what lies that are truly bad aren't what they seem.

My Review: Blaine M. Yorgason is a master writer. He has spun this mystery in such a way, that you cannot put this book down until it is over. But there are parts you just want to skip over but can't because the tiniest detail is important in solving the crimes committed and bringing justice to those who have been wronged. Learning to trust isn't for the feint of heart, learning to trust in love, have faith in the Lord, and come to peace may kill people before it happens.

This is one of the best written mysteries I've read ever. I am torn apart by the emotion, I am brought down low because I am not as strong as those characters I was reading about here in this book. I am full of questions about how I stand with God. I am a changed person by reading this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a really great read!

Thumbs up!

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