Nutra Life Herbal Non Soap

Details:   Nutra-Lift Moisturizing Cleansing Gel Herbal Non Soap.  Contains Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C for extra nutrition, along with aloe vera gel , wheat germ and other anti-oxidants. Works well with all skin types. It is a cleanser, a mask, a toner and a make-up remover all in one. leaves no film ( important so skin treatments can be absorbed) on the skin. Non-Detergent natural foaming agent made from wheat germ.

My Review:  When I read this was an herbal non-soap product I was a bit worried.  I recall my aunt trying various non-soap products and most were sticky and gooey.  This multi-herbal product is a wonderful gel, unlike hand sanitizer gel. This is a wonderful fruity smelling product.  I love how my face feels so silky and smooth after washing with it. I don't feel I need to use a toner afterwards.  I also like how you only need to leave the product on for 30 seconds, not minutes like most.  The product says to lather with wash cloth.  I figured this was to provide extra exfoliation to the skin.   The  Nutra-Lift Moisturizing Cleansing Gel Herbal Non Soap is an excellent make-up remover. 

Pros:   Skin is soft and silky after using the product.  It smells wonderful.  My face seems to glow after using the product.

Cons: I haven't discovered any cons to this product other than the initial price.  However, for a product such as this, it is will worth it.  8 oz bottle for $24.

  My Ratings:  A big thumbs up. 

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